Friday, October 25, 2013

Online Print Release? - Banksy's Piece Will Be Posted at 5pm

Another online announcement from Banksy demonstrates how things are definitely better out than in~.

So far, all Banksy posted was a cryptic message saying 'Today's piece will be posted at 5pm'. More trouble with the NYPD? Possibly. But more likely, today's release is probably a film, or something where the editing still needs to get done.

The hopeful fans have their fingers crossed for an online print release, or something of that nature. Is there going to be an online print release at 5pm? Nice thought, but unlikely. Banksy has already declared in an interview that there will not be a print release this month.

Any guesses what today will bring from Banksy?


  1. keep an eye on mass transit at 5

  2. I think he's finishing up a piece in his cell and having issues with smuggling a camera in to take a pic of it.

  3. I'll guess back at the strip club

    bc thats where I'd be today


  4. I'd say it's likely a piece with an element of light to it - i.e. something that will only photograph/display well after dark.