Thursday, October 31, 2013

The NYPD Can't Catch Banksy! (but they did catch BanksyNY's balloon)

This is rich. The NYPD decided to confiscate Banksy's Balloon Graffiti Throw Up. Guess the NYPD can't catch Banksy, but they did catch his balloon!

All humor aside, this could be more devious than cops merely confiscating illegal art. America's police departments have been known to seize money or other quetionably illegal stuff, and then the person they took it from must prove that it is not illegal. Its an unfair practice abused by many police departments to try and garner more money for themselves. So, its kinda like the NYPD 'stole' Banksy's piece. Lets see if the police cash in, or if the balloon gets 'returned' to the building owner.

Or perhaps the NYPD just wants the Balloon for fingerprints. (Yikes!)

Also, the dudes who tried to steal the balloons ended up getting arrested. M&F is not condoning what they did, but out of everyone who claimed a Banksy this month, these dudes seemed to do it the right way risking life and limb to grab a 'public' piece with no clear owner. Survival of the streetest? And now they are getting arrested? Something smells sour about this situation.

All in all, Banksy couldn't have scripted a better ending. This is not using art as decoration. This is 'making' art in real life. This is why he came to New York. Like Banksy said, "Nobody comes to New York to bathe in your well mannered common sense. We're here for your spirit and audacity."

Indeed. Stay up, New York~


  1. The cops are thinking, "oh we're going to be filthy rich! those fools.."

  2. One of those fuckheads also stole a couple of stuffed animals/puppets off the Sirens of the lambs truck. Dude is a Banksy jocker, I'm glad he got arrested, although it seems almost too perfect an ending so maybe it's all part of the show as well.