Monday, October 21, 2013

NYPD Creepin' on Banksy

Mayor Bloomberg has said that the New York Police are on the look out for Banksy.

Indeed, it looks like the Vandal Squad has been paying attention to Banksy's illegal street pieces. And from the looks of it, paying close attention to anyone with a suspicious backpack around the Banksy pieces.

And, here's what folks with back packs say back to the NYPD.


  1. Guys! C'mon! The the post. They're like the national inquire. The mayor made a response about graffitti being vandalism. I usually get better research from m&f! There are many articles from the actual nypd where yet say they aren't after banksy specifically. It's pretty funny actually....they were like, um, we don't know who he is so how can we pursue him? They also said, it's not technically vandalism unless the property owner makes a complaint. And they said specifically, no property owners have made complaints about this months show. Don't give any more credit to this ny post crap. They twist things around to get people to read their crazy ass paper. Don't get me wrong, I love the paper. But it's rarely true and in the case of banksy being hunted, it's just simply not what is being done. Cops at the scenes are taking photos not looking for banksy evidence. It's 2013. If authorities wanted to find banksy they could. Fact is, none of us really want to know. It would ruin everything. To find out what? That he is normal? That it's robin gunningham? That it's a collective group of people? I read everything I can about his possible identity and have every possible photo and article saved but in reality that's the fun of it. It is kinda interesting that street art news took down their photos of his red hook site not long after they were put up isn't it? I've never been more disappointed as I have when I've met my heroes. Street artist are no different. Ever been to an art show and had someone say he this is so and so? You're like ah yea man hey I love your stuff! And then reality sets in and they're just as boring and worthless as your friends. The worst mistake I ever made was outing myself to other street artist and also meeting them in person. The hype quickly wears off and then you have nothing. Anyway, done with my rant. Just please give a disclaimer you are citing the ny post and not a credible source by any means.

  2. Mayor Bloomberg sure has time on his hands.......Whats next, going after Big Gulps?! Oh wait......

    Mohamed S