Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thrashbird - Scary Shit

Back in Los Angeles, Thrashbird gets up at a crazy scary hot spot along Santa Monica Blvd.

Check out the height of these pieces.  And the inside of that big round thing is hollow.

Yikes. And stay up~


  1. Too bad it's ugly and tacky as always. Maybe it's that I've been seeing so many banksys or maybe it's that I just forgot what I knew already, thrashbird/tbd is an eyesore. This sounds weird coming from a street artist, but the guy should be stopped for ruining everything. It's so ugly. Means nothing. And people don't like it. Just like I shouldn't be forced to look at advertisements, I shouldn't be forced to look at this stupid crap every time I go outside. Gross.

  2. take a cue from Banksy and try using composition on your placements. Whats the point of a guy standing, if he is floating way up? Makes no sense.

  3. It's ugly. I'm tired of looking at this shit everywhere. I'd rather look at a corporate billboard that tells me to buy something or makes me feel bad about myself than see anymore of this garbage. It's not thought provoking. It's not artistically sloppy it's just sloppy. It's not aesthetically pleasing to anyone except himself or the 20 or so street art fans who like everything everyone does. It's dumb. It's on places it doesn't belong where good people have to pay to clean it up. It's on my freaking doorstep. It caps other people. It's just ugly and the show was the same ugly crap you put over and over and over all over this city. If rather see a gray wall than this blithe. Get a hobby or put some effort Into your work. It's not provacative to put a tranny next to a children's playground in the farmers market it just makes you an asshole. Also you aren't 20 yrs old and think its punk rock to be messy and not give a fuck. You're an adult and when you are still making this crap it's just embarrassing. It's not getting attention or calling attention to anything it's just annoying the few people who notice the details in the streets. Stop capping other artist and destroying art walls by thinking if it's the biggest piece it's ok to cap things it's not dude no one wants to have an entire art wall with everyone's work continuously called because you printed out a big ass dumb ass blurry photo of McDonald's sign. Just because you think it means something to you, as you've said before, doesn't mean it means anything to anyone else. Seriously. This crap needs to stop dude. You've lost all the spirit and essence of street art and are just like some weird, obnoxious addict who won't stop. Get out of here and go annoy another city with this absurdity.