Thursday, October 31, 2013

Space Invader Arrested in New York City!

This is not rumor. The streets are hot after Banksy's month long artist residency, and, Space Invader got arrested last night in New York City. Seriously.

Today, the NY Lowdown published a story that Space Invader got arrested last night while installing this Snow White mosaic. The police took him into custody, and then contacted the property owner Mark Miller, who runs an art gallery at the location.

Not sure exactly how things work in New York, since the NYPD was saying it needed a property owner to charge Banksy with vandalism. The article does not say whether Miller is pressing charges or the NYPD. But Miller says that he plans on keeping Space Invader's art work. So if he is not pressing charges, who is?

This is not the first time Space Invader has been arrested. He has already been ticketed multiple times in Los Angeles as well.  

***Story from the The Lowdown NY, and all pics taken by Mark Miller***


  1. Snow White, dude?
    It's Princess Peach!

  2. Someone should arrest Pepsi for that shitty phone booth eyesore, not Space Invader for his improvement on the filthy ugly boring building.