Saturday, October 26, 2013

BanksyNY - The Grumpier You Are, the More Assholes You Meet

Banksy revealed his newest piece today. This one is not pretty as much as it is truthful.

The art is a simple tag that says 'The Grumpier You Are, The More Assholes You Meet . . . "

Its true. Is this perhaps a jab at any folks who have not been repeatedly impressed, day after day, for every day out of this month, during October?

Fuck yeah. We dig this one. Just when Banksy brings you flowers, next he reminds you that you might bump into death at any time, but then, while you're living, Banksy encourages folks not to be an asshole. Banksy's art probably demonstrates better morals than the Bible.

Stay up. And don't be an asshole~

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