Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inspired By Banksy

Banksy's month long residency is now drawing into its final week.  Its almost sad thinking that the circus might be over, but during this month Banksy has left his mark on New York. Not only did Banksy decorate the city himself, but he also inspired all kinds of folks.  People got inspired to do everything from create art to have a discussion with Banksy.

Click the jump to see some of the most fun inspired by Banksy


  1. Been thinking about it, and I think I figured it out. People hate free humanity for about the same reasons they hate justin bieber. Know what I mean?

  2. A lot of us are douches. There's something specific about certain kinda of douches. It has elements of pretending to be black, pretending to be tougher than you are, people picking up on your insecurities in specific ways, a strong urge to prove Oneself and to get attention regardless whether it's positive or negative, a deep desire to be accepted and a lack of insight and self awareness that prevents one from seeing the obvious ways and reasons people don't like you. How easy it wold be to change and be accepted and for whatever reason you just can't make it happen. A certain and specific kind of unoriginality and a refusal to see it. I dont know I guess it's harder to explain in words than I thought...

    1. That's FH in a nutshell. well said!