Saturday, October 26, 2013

Banksy Trucked Up -- Not Grumpy, Assholes

Banksy's 'Grumpy Asshole' truck has been located by some very ungrumpy non-asshole Banksy Hunters.  In what looks like a beautiful day in New York, this truck is perhaps one of the best scenes yet for a discovered Banksy.  All the fans writing their names next to the piece permanently in the built up dust.  Dig it~

Also, Banksy updated his website twice today.  Once to show a truck with a cropped license plate (instead of the original).  And also, about Banksy's 'Waiting In Vain' piece, he wrote 'For those of you wanting to know if this was a permission piece, it wasn't.'

Boom. We wondered. Question answered. Much respect~

If you're not a grumpy asshole, click the jump for more fun!

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  1. A little sphinx, or more sphinge in that case, ascii edition :