Monday, October 28, 2013

BanksyNY - Lost a Gig but Didn't Lose a Penny

Today, the NY Daily News reported that Manhattan retailer Century 21 had plans for an upcoming 'showcase' of Banksy's work. However, in response to Banksy's editorial regarding the World Trade One, Century 21 has now cancelled the 'showcase' Banksy art show.

Oh well. Its no skin off Banksy's chin. Banksy doesn't whore himself out for corporate gigs (unlike the majority of other big name graffiti and street artists out there). So even though Banksy lost the gig, this didn't cost him a penny.

In fact, its kind of like natural selection. After all, Banksy wrote some words of truth, and the corporate titans who couldn't handle what he had to say are now bothered? Well, good. Banksy's art is effective on so many levels~

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