Monday, October 21, 2013

BanksyNY - Let the Streets Decide. Exactly.

Yesterday morning, Banksy's Sledgehammer Boy went up on the streets, and by the evening it was covered with plexiglass.

Then, some time last night some dipshit came and wrote 'Let the Streets Decide'.  You know, the irony in this tag is fucking rich.  Once again, here is another non-graffiti writer tagging over Banksy's shit.  How do we know this is not a writer?  Well, 3rd grade cursive is not a handstyle on the streets.  Notice how this dumbass takes 2 strokes for the 'D's' and the 'R's'.  On the streets every second counts, which is why writers don't waste time hitting the same letter with two spray strokes. And it still looks like crap.

Trust, this fool is talking about the streets deciding, but this is this fool's first street tag.

With that said, how do folks feel about the plexiglass?  Good thing? or in the way like a bad condom?

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