Monday, October 28, 2013

This Site Now Contains MORE Blocked Messages

Only a day later and Banksy's 'Blocked Messages' has now been 'blocked' too.

It seems that Banksy struck a nerve with this piece combined with his editorial for the New York Times, and this piece got buffed quick. The NY Times wouldn't publish Banksy's piece, but other NY tabloids are saying that what Banksy wrote 'spit' on the graves' on the 9/11 victims. It sure is funny how the media spins things when Banksy is trying to do the exact opposite, and says so in the essay itself.

Blocked Messages might have been our favorite of all the days all month. Even if Banksy's message got blocked, and the New York Times wouldn't publish Banksy's article, the ideas have not still got out, and the conversation that is happening because of this, has not been blocked.

Stay up!

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