Friday, October 25, 2013

Banksy at the Auction House - This Is Where Street Art Goes to Die

While Banksy is busy decorating the streets of New York with his art, some rich 1%-ers are at the auction house in Paris trying to purchase a Banksy to decorate their walls.

These shots offer a glimpse into the stale and horrifically boring and out-of-touch reality of auction houses and the fine art world.

These are not the move makers and trend setters.  These are the people who have more money than ability. These are people who purchase 'coolness' rather than live it.

After seeing this, it gives one a new appreciation for pieces getting tagged or ruined on the streets. Even if the tagging sucks, at least that is organic. The auction house can sell street art, but the auction house can never package and sell what makes street art cool. The auction house is where street art goes to die.

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