Monday, October 21, 2013

Fool Me Once, Shame On Me. But Twice - Can I Please Buy a Canvas?

Oh man.  It seems that someone in New York tried to see if they might have more luck than Banksy selling 'Fakesy' Banksy canvases on the sidewalk of New York.

It is humorous to hear how the online chatter has changed since first Banksy did this.  When Banksy did it, folks were saying how they would not have bought a canvas--even if it looked good, because they would not want to support a Banksy fake.  But now, people are muttering about how $60 isn't too much to spend on a fake Banksy canvas anyway.

Did Banksy just give the knock-off market a huge boost?

Then there are those who are probably hoping to all hell that Banksy pulled this stunt twice--and they got lucky.  Bet this Fakesy canvas vendor cleaned up pretty well selling Fakesy's with this timing.

***UPDATE -- Apparently, the sellers were very aware what they were doing, and released a video documenting their efforts.  They told the buyers that the paintings were fake.  And each painting came with a 'Certificate of Inauthenticity'.  All 40 paintings sold out in an hour. Including the price sign.  Boom.  Click the jump to watch the video***

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