Monday, October 21, 2013

THIS is Why Banksy Does Not Reveal His Identity

Funny video here where a man impersonates Banksy at Banksy x Os Gemeos Outdoor Gallery Exhibition.

This is hilarious, not because the dude is an obvious fraud dressed up in a Matlock-mustache and dark blue hoody saying 'Banksy'.  But because the crowd is what makes this funny, and as soon as the dude starts pretending to be Banksy, people start believing he is Banksy.

Every wonder why Banksy doesn't reveal his identity? (and, in M&F's opinion, why other street artists shouldn't either)?  To escape god-awful mundane questions like the ones Banksy starts to get as soon as he gets identified.  

The fans are stereotypical of the art world and the art world is boring as hell.  At the highest level, Banksy is art's only savior, at this point. 

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