Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Pyramids Have Been Around Forever, But The Pyramids Are Not Banksy . . .

The Pyramids in Egypt have been around for forever.  But the pyramids are not Banksy.  If they were, they would probably have been defaced and vandalized, or taken and sold by now.

Today, Banksy's Sphinx was taken.  Didn't last long.

On a related note, when Banksy first posted this piece on his website it was titled 'Everything But the Kitchen Sphinx'.  M&F is on top of Banksy's action so that's what we've been calling it all day. But later, Banksy updated his website and changed the name to 'No Turn Left Unstoned'.  We like the 2nd version better~

Click the jump to see more people getting down with Banksy's stoned Sphinx before it was taken

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  1. the egyptian pyramids have been bombed on, Alexander the great was the first fool to climb the pyramid Giza and scribe on the top.