Monday, October 21, 2013

From the Crib to the Grave - Banksy iz Ghetto 4 Life!

^Haha, this baby is off to a good start.  Guess this is what it takes for a child in a crib to start tagging by 10.  Call it early education~

Folks have already found Banksy's Ghetto 4 Life in the Bronx.  By the time it was located by the Banksy fans, this one had already been noticed by the local graffiti writers.  This hit from Skeew is one of the first real graffiti tags to go over a Banksy piece.  Notice how it does not cap it, just gets up next to it?  At the heart, that is what graffiti is about.  Not mindless vandalism and hate. Graffiti is about getting up. . . . . and Staying Up!~

This piece is probably too big to be easily covered, so it will be interesting to see how the life span of this wall piece plays out.

You know what would be really funny?  If the thug crew who started charging people money to take pictures of Banksy's Beaver in East New York took over this spot.

Stay up, and stay ghetto for life!

^lol, can't get over how cool this kid is going to grow up to be~ (its like a requirement now!)

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  1. That would be funny. Except those guys don't leave their hood. And the Bronx is nowhere near east ny in brooklyn. They wouldn't know how to even get there.