Friday, October 25, 2013

BanksyNY - You Reap What You Know

Banksy's New York residency has been a resounding success. But because it has been so successful, the city is on alert.  And often times, Banksy's pieces have been discovered by the public before Banksy makes the announcement on his website. Today could be one of those days. . .

A teaser shot has been posted today which looks quite a lot like Banksy's 'Brace Yourself' Grim Reaper piece.

***WARNING -- Teaser alert: the pic below is a tease both in showing what it could be, but not revealing more***

Also, Banksy bumped back the reveal time on his website til 6pm EST. Click the jump to check out the teaser shot


  1. The piece is on 76e houston street lower east side manhattan ny.....and covered with a tarp......

  2. Near "Billys" and the Bowery st mural. !!!!!!!!! 76 east houston st !!!!!! People are there waiting.....

  3. Damn it! It's 2pm PST, I'll never make it in time.