Thursday, October 31, 2013

Banksy Has Painted Wild Graffiti Cats Many Times Before

This is not the fist time that Banksy has painted wild graffiti cats. But his Bronx Wildcat in New York across the street from Yankee Stadium is Banksy's best yet.

Not only did Banksy use tags to fill in the stripes and animal print from the wild cats, but he also use the texture of the wall itself. After painting the tags, you can see in the upclose picture (below) how Banksy painted the wall, and then scraped off some of that work to add to the piece. Very impressive, and love the way the building itself is incorporated into the art.

There has been a lot of talk online about the words and tags that Banksy utilized in his New York Wildcat. There is clearly a peace sign, and a 'NY' for New York, and next to the peace sign, there also appears to be a gone over Cope2 tag. Cope has been shamelessly begging for attention from Banksy during the entire month Banksy has been in New York. Cope wanted it so much that he even posted a fake picture of a fake collab with Banksy, featuring a fat pig and NYPD over Cope's tag. And a lot of people think that Banksy might be tributing Cope with this tag, but unlike the peace sign and the NY the 'C' on Cope is clearly painted over. In the graffiti world, going over a tag is an insult. So not sure what Banksy was trying to do there? give Cope props? or memorialize him forever getting capped?

And yesterday M&F called out New York for not recognizing this new piece of art all day. It turns out that some locals saw Banksy paint this piece. It did not go unnoticed all day. Banksy did it in the middle of the afternoon, around 3:30 in the daytime. It took Banksy about 20 minutes to paint, and he did it all by himself, with no assistants or assistance. Boom.

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  1. You missed the mark on Banksy scraping the wall himself to incorporate the building. Compare your closeup to the original pictures of it. The whole front of it was chipped off after it was already posted. Looks like he painted it on a flaky wall, and people have been taking chips of it off, or wrecking it when they pose with it.