Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Plastic Jesus Gets Rolled

Plastic Jesus just gets up down low with a giant roller in the middle of a Los Angeles neighborhood street.

This huge piece continues on PJ's ongoing theme 'Stop Making Stupid People Famous'.

Indeed.  Stop it Hollywood.  But don't stop the art!


  1. Damn pj go big or go home huh? Getting inspired by banksys show are we much ;)
    Whatever the reason. Stay up!

  2. In a neighborhood?? Id be pissed if I lived there.

  3. Thank you M&F for not completely forgetting about LA while the Banksy circle jerk is going on. I wish I could like this, but we're talk about the easiest stencil in the world to make. This could look so much better. The type justification isn't even straight. You're better than this PJ!

  4. Isn't this the same dude whose stenciled celebrities round town?

  5. Very pissed this is right in front of our garage so disrespectful.!!! I'm contacting the city to have this crap removed.!!!