Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deeper Look at Twin Towers

Here is a return visit to Banksy's Twin Tower's tribute in New York City.  This stencil was one of Banksy's earlier pieces during this month, but now his later pieces with Banksy's unpublished essay submitted to the New York Times, and the 'Blocked Messages' stencil.

The New York Times refused to publish Banksy's words, but then the tabloids took the story and ran with it. Now, everyone is still talking about Banksy's letter and what he meant by it. The thing is, the level of discourse is disappointingly simple. Most of the online chatter seems to be about why Banksy cares about the way a building looks and if he has offended New Yorkers with his essay. But, that is not Banksy's point.

M&F believes that the bigger point that Banksy is trying to make, is that people and countries get judged by how they handle their trials and tribulations. And 9/11 was the worst terrorist attack to ever take place on American soil. So how has America responded to the tragedy? Banksy's point in critiquing the architecture of Word Trade One, its not just about the way it looks, its about what happened in the process. Instead of making America a stronger and better place after 9/11, the architectural complaints that Banksy is making about the building are really saying that the values America exhibited after 9/11 are not how to make things better, the values America has shown with World Trade One stand for corporate greed, compromise, and what-is-not-necessarily-in-the-best-interest-of-the-American-people. Banksy's letter is not simply about architecture, its about how America fumbled the ball after 9/11.

Banksy is not insulting New York. He is encouraging America to do better. That's what the flower means attached to the Tower in Banksy's art. After something bad happens, try to turn it into something beautiful. The World Trade One shows how America has failed.

If you still take offense to Banksy's letter, ask yourself, with everything that has happened since 9/11, is America better? or worse? -- Exactly.

Stay up, Banksy. Stay up, New York. And stay up, America~

Click the jump for a pictorial return visit to Banksy's Twin Towers Tribute--with pics from before it was defaced

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