Thursday, October 31, 2013

Banksy is Full of Hot Air -- A Closer Look at Banksy's Inflatable Throw-Up

The pictures that Banksy released on his website looked like graffiti bubble letters, meanwhile the audio recording on Banksy's website described these as actually full of hot air. Turns out, it is both. These are actual balloons, painted with graffiti, and shaded on the wall with spray paint. But the actual letters themselves are balloons.

It seems that Banksy is having some fun poking at himself with this piece, at the same time he claims the graffiti crown. It is worth noting, that Banksy has outlasted the haters in New York. When Banksy first started, the haters were chomping at the bit to paint over Banksy's new pieces. But as the month wore on, the haters grew less and less motivated. Even last night's Bronx Zoo piece remained untouched, untagged and unvandalized even though it was unguarded for an entire night.

When Banksy started his art show and the pieces would get tagged over, some folks would talk about how New York graffiti does not take kindly to outsiders, but now, at the end of the month, its kind of like Banksy has taught New Yorkers how to behave around graffiti.

Click the jump for a closer look at Banksy's Inflatable Throw-Up.

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