Monday, October 21, 2013

Banksy x Os Gemeos Outdoor Gallery - The Most Boring of All 'Better Out Than In'

The Banksy x Os Gemeos Outdoor Gallery is a fascinating piece.  Based on the likes that this installation piece got, this was the most popular out of all of Banksy's pieces in New York.  It seems that this installation was hugely popular because these are awesome paintings and people wanted the paintings so bad. However, even with all its desirability and popularity, it also seems like the most boring of all Banksy's New York street pieces.

Why is that?  Because even if Banksy is bringing the gallery outdoors, it still has all the elements of a gallery.  The lines.  The 'gallery space'.  The security guards.  There are rules to this outdoor gallery and folks are not allowed to go behind the paintings or even touch them.  Touching paintings might sound strange in a gallery, but not on the street.  This installation is the most boring, because the element of crowd surprise and interaction is taken away from this piece.  Even if its outside, the street has been removed from the street art.

Its boring.  Like any art gallery.

The Banksy x Os Gemeos Outdoor Gallery has now been taken down.  If you're not bored already, click the jump for more pics

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