Sunday, October 27, 2013

BanksyNY - Takes Aim at New York Times & NYC's Shyscraper'

In addition to the Blocked Messages piece that Banksy released earlier, he also updated his website with this proposed editorial for the New York Times.  The New York Times refused to publish Banksy's article, so Banksy posted the words on his own website.

With all the mainstream press that BanksyNY's month long artist residency in has garnered, it is a bit surprising that the NY Times refused to publish an editorial from arguably the biggest artist in the world. The refusal probably had more to do with what Banksy is saying in the article, than anything else.

In his article, Banksy aims some real gut punches to the city of New York. He starts out by saying that the biggest eyesore in New York is not graffiti, its the One World Trade, the building built in place of the Twin Towers after 9/11.  Banksy calls it '104 floors of compromise' and says that it is a 'thousand foot tall sign that reads "New York - we lost our nerve'. Ouch. Banksy's main point is that the One World Trade is a symbol for how America has slipped with its handling of 9/11. It represents, Banksy says, how '10 men have condemned us to live in a world more mediocre than the one they attacked, rather than be a catalyst for a dazzling new one'.

Damn. Its true. America has fumbled its handling of 9/11 like a football. And Banksy dares say that the new empire has no clothes. And needs a new paint job. Talk about speaking truth to Power. Its so powerful, that the Power just doesn't want to publish this truth.

In his unpublished editorial, Banksy also reveals so motivations for why he chose New York for this artist residency. Banksy says 'Nobody comes here for your well mannered common sense. We're here for the spirit and audacity.' Boom.

Guess the bottom line is that the establishment is happy to look at pictures from artists, but they still don't want to hear what the artist's actually have to say. "You send us words!? We want pictures!" Lol. Guess Banksy will just keep up with writing his messages on walls~

Stay up!

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