Tuesday, October 29, 2013

People Are Always 2 Steps Behind Banksy -- UPDATE -- This is NOT Banksy's Art Today

Banksy has not yet made his announcement today, causing many to believe he could be releasing a video or legal installation later in the day.

Meanwhile, many folks are speculating that this dude selling 'I Am Banksy' t-shirts in New York might be today's art.

Nope. Its not. But this dude selling shirts sure lucked out!

Still waiting (not in vain . . .) for Banksy's October 29th piece.

***UPDATE -- The T shirt seller has now sold out. Reportedly, people were buying 10 at a time, and he sold out. Folks are clamoring about the chance to score a authentic Banksy again. People, this is NOT Banksy's art piece for today. Guaranteed. How do we know for sure? There is no traffic cone. Boom. Tell your mom before she trades her thong for one. NOT Banksy's Tshirts. But a very lucky Tshirt vendor.***

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  1. If I lived in NYC I'd be ALL ABOUT printing up some stenciled shirts and canvases to capitalize on the Banksy hype. Why not? Props to t-shirt guy for getting his PAID on...