Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Banksy Billboard on Sunset Taken Down

No Longer Dreamin'.

Banksy's 'Livin' the Dream' Billboard Takeover on Sunset has been take down and is no longer running. Click the jump below for more

The billboard was reportedly taken down and rolled up, so keep your eyes peeled on Ebay to see when this surfaces.

This comes only a few hours after the Charlie Brown was boarded up and covered.

It is unfortunate that the Banksy pieces are disappearing so fast. Wonder if its by design, or just business oriented property owners?

So hurry and see remaining two Banksy pieces while you still can!

***Big thanks to John Wellington Ennis for providing these daytime shots of the billboard taken earlier today before it was buffed. You can see more of John's politically infused work at***


  1. I was over there while they were taking it down. It got pretty intense between the middle aged guy who owns the property the billboard resides on and the big dude who worked for CBS.

  2. can anyone tell me where the crayola banksy is located? cross streets please?

  3. Look up Urban Outfitters in westwood, ca. And go to the back of the store.

  4. Ebay? Auction? Who the fuck can afford a 100ft. Banksy? And where would they put it? This is just getting ridiculous.

  5. Zombie, obviously in a living room

  6. Anonymous, duh, what the fuck was I thinking?