Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Banksy Boarded Up -Charlie Brown Gone

The new piece of Charlie Brown street art by Banksy has been boarded up, and reportedly holes have been drilled in the side of the building around the piece, for preparation to have it removed.

We got some action shots from our friends at Hieronymus of the boarding up going down.

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Banksy is no fool. It did seem like the Jeff Koons balloon piece on La Brea last year was placed in that spot in order to be removed.

Since this entire building has burnt out and been gutted by fire, it seems like maybe this is a similar situation, and the piece might have been placed at this spot so that it could be removed.

Wonder what the reader's thoughts are on this?

***Thanks Heironymus!***


  1. The best part of street art like this, is seeing it on the streets. My fiance and I just visited the 6 known Banksy pieces in SF this past weekend. 2 of them have been covered, unfortunately.

    4 out of the 6 were still there. Out of the 4, 1 was defaced, the majority of it was there, but you couldn't see the Indian's face anymore, which is a SHAME, and DISRESPECTFUL. Another one was there, but a piece of it had been painted over.

    2 were fully in tact. 1 was still there because it was so high, no one could easily get to it. The other, was on a main street in Chinatown however, someone who had the brains, had it covered with plexi glass drilled into the wall.

    Bottom line, I think these should be left the way they are. At the same time, if Banksy did a piece on a building I own, I would do everything in my power to preserve it. If that means removing it out of the wall to put it somewhere safe, so be it.

  2. Sucks theyre gonna remove it. If i was there id spray paint over it in a "If we all cant have it you cant either" attitude.

  3. That's Brad Pitt's personal assistant... weak.

  4. Jesus! Give us one day to get there and take a picture so we can save it personally!

  5. Don't jump to the conclusion that this one is being removed just yet.
    I interviewed this guy (on video) and the claim was the cover up is more due to keeping people off the property because the bldng. is up for investigation due to the fire. But with that said he also said the owner is finding out what to do with it. The Auction house is just down the $treet.

  6. out of the 6 banksy pieces the last time he was in LA only one is viewable still. 2 were cut out and 3 were covered up.

    i highly doubt the charlie piece will be visible again... i hope i'm wrong

  7. I was honestly gonna fly out this weekend just to see, and take photos of what he's done out there this past week. Sucks that Charlie Brown got covered up.

  8. I dont man. If the owner of the building is a younger guy. He appeared to be meeting with people at the spot. Which appeared to me that he might be trying to sell it. This is just an observation, I dont know for sure. Plus why would they have a day laborer guarding it.