Saturday, February 19, 2011

Banksy's Livin the Dream Still Livin it Up -Going to Vegas

The Light Group owns the property that Banksy utilized in his 'Livin the Dream' billboard takeover, and they said they were flattered that Banksy chose to paint over a 'generic' canvas. However, the space was leased by The Light Group to CBS Outdoor Advertising, and CBS employees were the ones who removed the billboard and disrespectfully wadded it up in a ball.

Well, The Light Group has now got the piece back in their possession, and plan to send it to Las Vegas.

The guy pictured above speaking to the police is the one from The Light Group who almost got in a fight with an employee who took the piece down. Click the jump below for more exclusive pics of the billboard going down and to find out what The Light Group plans to do with Banksy's Livin the Dream.

The Light Group plans to put the Banksy piece on display in Las Vegas, not sell it.

And as for the pics, the cops major concern when they showed up was not the billboard being taken, but whether or not the guy pictured above from The Light Group had assaulted the CBS employee. We believe no charges were filed.

Big thanks to Brett Boston for sending in the pics, and Tam Truong for the information!


  1. To be fair, I'm sure the worker didn't know how much the piece was work or the importance. He was just doing his job and a bunch of people accosted him saying that's mine. Maybe if they would have explained it to them before they took it down. just sayin.
    -Mikey B

  2. yeah i agree with the above. Even if the worker did have an idea that the piece was important, they still have a job to do.