Monday, February 21, 2011

More New Banksy! Caution Fun!

Banksy has posted two more new pieces in Los Angeles-this caution sign and an 'elephant'. Click the jump to see these new pieces from Bansky in LA and location details

The hunt for Banksy continues!

We will soon have pics and location details for the elephant, but we still don't know where the 'caution piece' is?

***UPDATE: The elephant is on the PCH but still waiting for exact location***

***2nd UPDATE: Directions--If you're taking the 10 west it turns into the pch. It will be on the right side across from the first state beach parking lot. I think it's the Santa Monica state beach. Had to illegally park cause the beach was closed but in the day that will be the best place to park and walk over. These directions are from the ravenous Banksy hunter and street art finder, Keith Toll. Thanks Keith!***


  1. Someone I ran into was saying there is a new Banksy on 4th St in Long Beach. Might that be where the Caution Sign is?

  2. It looks like there's a 3rd new piece:

  3. it's nice to see the pieces go into areas that are harder to get t

  4. I believe this is the exact location... South of Temescal Canyon Rd on PCH.

  5. Anyone know where the "Caution Fun" piece is?

  6. Anonymous is right on with the map. I just Google mapped it too and found it.