Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Banksy Street Art in LA (pt. 2/2)

Superb location for Banksy. The placement in this alley is perfect. Its quiet enough to be discreet during the installation, but extremely public in that it is jutting out towards oncoming traffic in a busy little corner of Westwood. (we had the parking patrol come and try to give us a ticket while we were snapping pics)

And, having spent a semester living in London during college, this spot really reminds us of the feel of London. With the curvy, unusual streets, and topsy turvy alleyways, it carries the flavor of London perhaps more so than any other place in LA. Maybe Banksy felt at home, right here.

The piece is both fierce and playful, and we wish we had some kinds like the ones who flocked around for the photoshoot of Dog Byte's 'Welcome To The Jungle' stencil recently. We really love the splashes of color on the crayons~