Monday, October 14, 2013

Banksy's Ebay Listing - Deals for Reals and Sales for Suckers

It was bound to happen.  Someone on Ebay is intentionally trying to capitalize on Banksy's weekend sidewalk sale where he he hawked original signed paintings valued at a solid 5 figures for $60.

Only six Banksy canvases sold, and this Ebay listing is not one of them.  The description this Ebay listing (shown below) is intentionally vague, written in a way to strongly suggest that the painting was from Banksy, without actually saying so.  The ebay canvas for sale is clearly fake.  The listing picture does not even match the one shown in Banksy's video (pics below).

Its not surprising that someone would create such a listing and try to make some money.  It is surprising that there are so many suckers, enough to drive the price up on an obvious fake canvas to $1000+ dollars.  Some internet rumors are speculating that Banksy might be liquidating his stock this way.  But Banksy has already proven the point dramatically on the streets.  It goes against everything Banksy was trying to prove with the piece by listing pieces on ebay--after the hype.  The only thing driving these Ebay sales are the desires for the folks who missed out on Banksy's sidewalk sale.

This scenario is worth mentioning because this ebay sale is the exact opposite of Banksy's weekend sale.  Banksy's sale was designed to show that the value in art is arbitrary, and this Ebay listing is trying to take advantage of the circumstances that would increase the value.  Think about it, the majority Banksy's originals didn't sell for $60. But the hype has driven the price on this clear fake over $1,000--and counting.

Don't be a sucker.  Keep looking for a 'deal for real', not a 'sale for suckers'.

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