Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cops, Cope2 and Banksy -- ***UPDATE***

Legendary New York graffiti writer Cope2 just posted this picture, which he claims is a collaborations between he and Banksy.

Cope has been hounding Banksy over social media for weeks trying to line up a collaboration with the stencil artist.

So then this stencil just happened.  Not sure if it is legit or not.  A lot of people are pointing out on Cope's own thread that this piece does not look very complimentary.  Its a fat pig with NYPD scrawled over it.

To give this piece a little context, Cope has been accused by other graffiti writers of being a snitch informant to the NYPD.

Like we say, not sure if this piece is an authentic Banksy or not.  But what we are really wondering is why Cope would post this unflattering picture?

Guess technically its not even beef.  This is more like beef bacon.

***UPDATE -- Late last night, Cope2 removed this photo from his Instagram***

***2nd UPDATE -- Now Cope claims the entire thing was staged by himself.  In his own garage. WTF? This whole fiasco comes off as beyond desperate, and why would Cope choose to portray himself as a pig?***


  1. Haha, what a cowgirl !!!!!!

  2. Maybe if he had used matt black paint and not said a word he would've got away with it the fat, bate cunt.. regardless real recognise real, badman a badman stand strong alone. Cope has a million haters who spend far too much time and energy on someone of no apparent significance. The "cope2 is a snitch" orchestrators can chat a good chat and make a good video but end of the day he has made his name regardless of the truth.. you yanks live by that fake history shit even if you don't see it. Real people holding that kind of hatred would stay silent and take him out, gone.. not sit on the web crying. If you carry on like this he will reign supreme because however ignorant he is he isnt slowing down and there is a 1000+ writers from his era that didnt play the game and keep current, life fuct them up be it drugs, prison or family and were never to be seen again. The only reason you can focus on him is because he is still there...I think however funny that insta "truth" account is it shows he got to you.. personally I think it is Utah is on the buttons. U & E are set to be legendary, they smash it and that is clear for anyone to see but what they dont seem to understand is they are coming across like any desperate guy who got over emotionally tied up, they dont need to enforce their stance online.. they need to fall back and just assume their greatness as it unfolds, not preach it.. that to and throw shit on 12oz with Ether and Cope showed clearly that Ether was not a boss yet. Don't feed someone else's flames with your firewood. Stack yours higher and burn brighter while everyone else becomes obsolete and disappears.