Monday, October 14, 2013

Holy Shit! Banksy Almost Got Caught! (For Real!!!)

Banksy unveiled his new piece this morning, but before he did, New York Blog Gothamist released pics of the same piece from a contributor who said that she saw the artist (Banksy) leaving!

When asked to describe what she saw, the contributor said "I saw a man wearing construction gear loading something into a rental truck as I was walking to the train, which I thought was a little odd because there wasn't any construction going on there. I looked at the wall and immediately recognized it, so I looked at the driver and he was a middle aged white man wearing glasses. He smiled and nodded and drove away pretty quickly."

Holy shit!  Looks like Banksy almost got busted!  Not by the police, but by the public.  Guess Banksy's awareness campaign is getting out there, but it seems like that is making what he is doing a bit more difficult.

There is still over half a month to go for Better Out Than In and Banksy's NY Residency, and now New York knows some tricks of Banksy's trade to look for!

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***All pics from Gothamist***

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