Monday, October 14, 2013

Team Robbo is Really Team Haters (who can barely paint)

M&F loves graffiti.  And, more especially, M&F loves tagging.  Check the past 4 years of posts if you want to read the proof.

But really, this is not tagging. This is dick jocking and ball riding.  Nobody cares about nobody they've never heard of.  Like this.  All these hater names will be forgotten tomorrow, but the Banksy piece is now ruined forever.  That's the only thing that will be remembered.

And really, its time to address Team Robbo.  Team Robbo is nothing more than small dicked haters, who, for the most part are not graffiti writers.  They do not recruit.  The 'Team' is composed of small minded folks who identify with hate, not art. Team Robbo is just an excuse for Team Haters.  There is a HUGE difference between creating impressive art, as opposed to ruining it.  The end result shows the level of communication between both.  Is it any surprise that Banksy's art is valued and admired, but some fools who can barely write are not?  Exactly.

Keep hating, Team Robbo.  But while you're hating, Banksy is going to keep playing, and painting.  And remember, your smeary, ugly, black, fugly marks are still echoing in eternity . . .


  1. M&f I expected a different response to this. I do think its time to address it. And if I had to choose, I'm team banksy, as lame as that sounds. And in part I do agree that team robbo is to a large degree, often times, about hate. But it stems from something much more pure. Destroying a banksy, especially during a stint like he is on, almost seems necessary. It's sending the message that graffitti writers do not condone this mass accepted, mass approved hysteria. It goes against the nature of graffitti. Banksy doesn't. And I think most of them know that. But his followers do. It's like hating religion and the old saying, jesus save me from your followers. I dont know. I guess I just wanted a more thought out response from you guys, whose opinion I respect so much.
    -ń anon

    1. ^Thanks for your comment.

      We do hear what you are saying about graffiti writers not condoning mass accepted work, but in M&F's opinion, aiming at Banksy is aiming the wrong place.

      Banksy is one of the few, if not the only 'graffiti' artist who has achieved fame, fortune and mainstream notoriety all by doing it on his own terms, anonymously, the way true graffiti should be done.

      If graffiti writers want to get mad at mass accepted work, get angry at the 'graffiti' heads who are getting sponsored by clothing companies, Red Bull, or Nike, or who are doing commissioned 'printed' billboards.

      True graffiti writers should celebrate Banksy's example of how to make it, the right way.

      To be clear, M&F fucking loves tagging and believes leaving one's mark is the fundamental act of getting up, and a primal activity. If 'Team Robbo' were about graffiti, they would be getting up on the streets all the time. They are not. Team Robbo is only about hate, and they only appear when Banksy gets up.

      M&F's opinion is that to ruin something just for the sake of ruining it, or so that the masses can't enjoy it, is flat out wrong. If we see something beyond mindless hate, we look forward to that.

  2. Stupid. Robbo has way more talent than a stencil using idiot. He's in a coma now, so leave it.

  3. Team Robbo are up all over the streets,open your eyes,seek and ye shall find.shhheeez

  4. Banksy is a shallow philosopher. His prefab "art" is just social commentary. In case you didn't get the joke "Exit Through the Gift Shop" was a masturbatory joke about how easy it is to make an impression (and money) in the art world. "Mr. Brainwash" was named to illustrate how easy it is to fake being an artist.

    Even his fucking name is a play on this "Bank$y"

    He's a fucking elitist bag of shit and I hope he gets shot in the stomach and dies slowly.

  5. Tagging is stupid and ugly. Nothing is learned or gained by it. Social commentary and "beauty for beauty's sake" pieces are the only worthwhile forms of street art. Make people think or smile, don't piss them off. Street art can improve or degrade society; make the right choice and use your brain to make cool stuff. Tagging is for those that have no ideas or opinions. If you are mad at the world in general, it is understandable. But at least think about it beforehand. Don't just do it because it's what other people do. At least tag a cool slogan or thought provoking word, or at the very very least tag on an asshole's or idiot's property. All this monkey see monkey do bullshit seen in the fucking suburbs - the suburbs?! - is completely unacceptable. Children in need of ass kicking is all that shit is.