Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Banksy Street Art in LA

Preamble for the Oscars?

Reportedly, a new Banksy stencil has appeared in LA featuring a child holding a machine gun shooting crayons for bullets.

We got this pic from Frank 151 although we have not yet verified that it is new or its location.

MELROSEandFAIRFAX takes pride in having original pics and content, and we would love to go shoot some exclusive pics. Anyone know where this is located?


  1. Located in westwood on kinross (south side of street) between westwood and glendon. I work on this block and just noticed it Monday afternoon, it must have been done very recently.

  2. yea swap meet at fairfax high on sundays

  3. saw it last night behind urban outfitters on westwood

  4. did the image have any EXIF information attached?

  5. why would you give the spot away? i feel like now some dumb ass new jack street artist is gonna "spot jack" him.

  6. Pia Mia (14 yrs. old) recording artist/Westwood Village resident sings with the NEW Bansky world famous art work in the background.

    Pia Mia was walking home from lunch, as she does a lot of days, when she saw Bansky's art work on the ally wall of Urban Outfitters. She had seen Exit Through The Gift Shop and decided to sing live before the observers that were photographing the piece. She chose "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson because the art work seemed to portray a similar message. More youth need to be exposed and educated on this. Pia Mia has more than a million views on her youtube account.

    View the performance here: