Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Banksy's Latest Might Seem Familiar . . .

Banksy's latest piece might seem familiar.  At least to followers of M&F.  As many will recall, Plastic Jesus did a series of very similar 'Graffiti is a Crime' pieces earlier this year in March.

Just sayin'.  Click the jump to check it out.


  1. Banksy from the UK, PJ from UK. Seems to me that Banksy might recruit at this point and refine ideas, (or has for years.) Mr. Douchebrain is the factory where good pieces get labeled a whatever or a Banksy. Also where unemployed talent gets raped or paid under said name mentioned previouly but wtf do I know???

    1. WTF are you even saying? Plastic Jesus's work is so insanely inspired by everything Banksy did/does it's kind of sad.

      That being said, PJ needs to step up his execution and composition, that chair is straight floating in the air, and the lack of details in the stencils is booty.

      Seems like a coincidence but I'm guessing PJ's ego is having him believe he was robbed by Banksy. LOL

      Even more ironic is when he first started doing street art, like a year ago, people thought his work was Banksy's. That's not a compliment, that means you don;t have your own style.


  2. Thanks for the feedback guys.
    On many points I would agree. Sure I need to consider execution and the environment more, this is something I've thought for a while and hopefully you've seen that develop as my work matures (take the Trayvon Martin piece or the installations)
    With regard the detail in the stencils , or lack of details - that is intentional for two reasons. Firstly I work alone, with no help or lookouts, so I often need to keep things as simple as possible to ensure they can be up quickly. Secondly I try to reduce an image to it's simplest form, a form that can still convey the desired message with a minimum of detail.
    As a photojournalist of 20 years experience most of my inspiration comes from news, current affairs and culture. I'm not looking for ideas and thinking " how can I do this to look like Banksy'.
    My ego certainly isn't being stroked thinking Banksy may have copied me ( this idea was bought to my attention by others...) Art has taken Inspiration from many places, this has been the case since the beginning of time and will continue whilst man continues to create.
    Simple Stencils suit my expression and creative drive and ability, not my desire to look like another artist.
    Plastic Jesus

  3. cool that you took the name "Plastic Jesus" after someone spent years putting in work under the moniker "Plastic God"

  4. BANKSY's style has been jacked by everyone since 2001. PERIOD. People need to stop following the leader.

  5. Didn't he just bite Blek Le Rat?

  6. Well said Mr. Jesus!
    I applaud your deflection of accusations as well as you ability to stay true to what you are doing as an artist.