Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fans Paying Penance at BanksyNY's Street Confessional

Banksy's newest street piece, Concrete Confessional, has already been located in Manhattan and like most Banksy pieces, this is drawing a big crowd.

Love how the Concrete Confessional begs for crowd interaction.

As for the painting itself, it was not done on the back side of box in the concrete, the actual concrete block is hollow, and the painting is on the back side, much like a true confession box.  The placement is more clear from the pics below.  After Banksy's questionable staging of his Beaver piece this other day, the artist comes back strong with great utilization of the environment.

Click the jump for 20+ more pics of the piece, the placement, and the crowd surrounding Banksy's Street Confessional.

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