Friday, October 18, 2013

A Closer Look at Banksy x Os Gemeos Outdoor Gallery in New York

Here is a closer look at Banksy's outdoor art gallery in New York.

There are two guards at the installation, and when the crowd gets too big they rope off the entrance with yellow caution tape. When folks get out of line, like the dude pictured above, those folks get man handled by the security guards.

There is only one Banksy, but there are all kinds of Banksy fans.  This installation is really making certain types fans of Banksy simmer and go crazy.  Banksy has many fans (and anti-fans) from a graffiti background, but there is another type of Banksy fan whose love for Banksy is based in collecting and ownership of art.  These are the folks who want a Banksy so badly that it hurts. And the way that Banksy is doing this, by hanging actual canvas pieces of art, not street pieces, but gallery type pieces, and by placing them outside, this feels like an open taunt to the collector-based Banksy collectors.

Just like Banksy's graffiti pieces tend to get painted over immediately by Team Robbo and other haters, the collectors are itching to get their hands on these.  Some online comments are saying that these pieces won't last overnight, and others are saying that two armed guards are not enough to protect the art!  Lol.

The sentiment this installation is creating is very similar to Banksy's Central Park Canvas Sale, where Banksy dangles something right in front of the folks who want it, but what they want just can't be grabbed!  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Also, on a side note, the piss looking water in the dispenser is actually champagne--props to the brave early folks who tried it not knowing!

Click the jump to check out all the mayhem surrounding the Banksy x Os Gemeos outdoor gallery in New York!

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  1. You missed the joke of a wine cooler (what dumb chicks and probably critics were sipping on back in the (todayz) What happened to LA? Too many dabs?