Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Love You Bansky! (but not as much when you fake it)

M&F loves Banksy.  It's no secret.  We have posted how Banksy is the greatest artist of this generation.  Its because Banksy has a unique ability to use his art to manipulate the way that people see things, and then react to those things.  Its what great artists should do, right?

Right.  The only problem is that one of Banksy's greatest strengths, is using his art to engage with the natural urban environment.  But, what we are finding from Banksy's month-long outdoor exhibition in New York, is that sometimes, Banksy will fake it.  Yup. Sometimes even Banksy fakes it.

Ouch. It hurts to say that, but its true.  Banksy has staged at least one previous street piece in New York, and many people are calling into question the validity of Banksy's Central Park sidewalk Canvas Sale.  And now, this latest offering from Banksy also appears to be 'staged'.  At least a little. Notice how the part that the boy is hitting with a hammer was green before Banksy painted it.  This scenario is not as forced as the Beaver.  And some might not even call this staged. Even as we type we are feeling this is less 'staged' than 'highlighted'.  After all, the red was not there before, but the pieces themselves were.  Maybe this scenario is just good placement with highlights added to make the street art pop?  Its all paint, right? Right. Apologies if this is a ramble, we just mind-fucked ourselves.

Once again, if art is about manipulating the public's perception, then shouldn't just the end result matter?  Is it kind of like fucking, where you don't care if your partner fakes an orgasm as long as you get your rocks off?

Maybe we are being too particular.  Or too something.  Is particular the word? Oh well.

We love you, Banksy.  Even more so when its not staged.  Stay up, Banksy!~


  1. That looks like a Google maps image from 2012. Those pipes could have been painted since 2012. Unlike his East New York piece, Banksy didn't place anything there that wasn't already there. I think he deserves a pass for this one. Not that a pass from anyone really matters to I'm rambling. Out!

  2. Give him a pass!
    But I get where you're coming from.

    Oh, and I care deeply if my partner fakes an orgasm! Wtf. Why would you be ok being a selfish lover and having the girl fake it? I'd rather her orgasm than me if I had to choose. C'mon!

  3. Its an art show,so it ok in my eyes

  4. I hooked up with 3 stangers in staten island on saturday. They conducted a thorough search around the ferry, and city hall. I with my intimate knowledge of the area and my subaru, we then went to a series of sites ,based on the clues in ant hill video. Too no avail. Hoax hoax. Banksy was to lazy to take the ferry or pay the toll......

    1. you don't drive a Subaru, Dale