Thursday, October 10, 2013

Someone's Already Making Money Off BanksyNY . . .

Dang.  Each Banksy street piece has a unique life of its own.  Today's is quite a thrill ride!

Soon after Banksy's Beaver was revealed, one dude tried chipping it out of the wall old school style with a hammer and chisel.  Apparently, the piece started to chip, so he gave up (pictured below).

But that didn't stop the money makin'.  After that dude left, some street hustlers stepped up and claimed the Banksy wall piece.  Since then, they have been covering Banksy's Beaver and sign with cardboard boxes, and charging $5 to take a picture.  Looks like a party with on the street drinking and pizza being delivered.

This might be a first.  People are already making money off Banksy even while the piece is still on the wall.

Click the jump to check out some entertaining pics below.  (Is the mom who put her young child there a true Banksy lover? or crazy?!)

^This is the dude who tried chiseling the piece off the wall.

^"$5 for your baby?  Oh.  You just want a picture?"

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