Thursday, October 10, 2013

BanksyNY - Wag the Tail on the Dog in the Back of the Meat Truck

Banksy's Beaver was already revealed on his website as his street piece for October 10th.  However, right after the Beaver was revealed, the spot was shown to be staged, and it was not an authentic street sign fallen over.

So, while that was developing, all of a sudden a new truck showed up on the streets of New York. This is a gross green with only 'Farm Fresh Meats' written on the front, the side slats have the faces of numerous stuffed animals peering out the side.  According to street sources in New York, the animals are also crying and moving.

Is this Banksy?  Yes.  There is the same phone number as before with #6 on the side.

Not sure if October 10th has 2 Banksy offerings, or like the governments are known to do, perhaps there is a dog wagging its tail in the back of the meat truck, and this is an attempt to deflect from the negativity about the Beaver being staged?

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